Veritas Superspeed Incandescent Mantle Lamp

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Veritas Superspeed Incandescent Mantle Lamp. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and sold primarily  in Europe. The Superspeed lamp was advertised as being 90 candle power of light. It uses a larger diameter wick than Aladdin. This lamp has the dull “Silcrom” finish that was, and still is so popular in the UK. This Lamp is complete with all correct and original burner parts. It has a fresh wick and comes complete with a mantle frame too. These lamps are difficult to find in North America, particularly with a good wick and mantle frame. If you enjoy Aladdin competitor lamps this is a good one to have.

  • Can be used with an Aladdin Mantle Sock.
  • Overall Good Condition with some finish wear.
  • Burner is complete with correct parts, including flame spreader.
  • Fresh wick. Original Fuel Cap.
  • Comes with Duran Glass Chimney made in Germany.
  • Provenance: Rex M. Christensen Collection.


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Veritas Superspeed Incandescent Mantle Lamp.



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