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Aladdin Lamps are “Wireless”

Worlds Finest Non-Electric Lamp

Excerpts from 1930s advertising brochures—The Aladdin Mantle Lamp is one of the greatest and most practical inventions of the century. It is an outstanding achievement of science in connection with artificial lighting. It has gone a long, long way toward solving the lighting problem for rural homes, with its abundance of soft, mellow, modern, white light. Aladdin light makes evening reading, writing or sewing a pleasure.

The Aladdin is simple—anyone can operate it. It lights and is put out just like the ordinary kerosene wick lamp. It costs very little to operate. It burns common kerosene (coal oil). The average consumption is a single gallon to 50 hours of service. It is safe—cannot explode.

Today over 7,000,000 persons enjoy the blessings and comfort of the Aladdin lamp.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Burner in operation.

Indeed! The Aladdin lamp was developed through application of scientific principles:

Ami Argand, 1750-1803, invented the principle of center draft whereby air is provided inside a tubular wick to the flame of a lamp. Argand’s “air lamps” became known as “Argand lamps,” which he first patented in England in 1784.

Dr. Auer von Welsbach, 1858-1929, an Austrian chemist, invented the incandescent gas mantle in 1885, a huge improvement in the history of artifical lighting.

The early techology of adapting the mantle to oil lamps was developed in Germany. Beginning in the early 1900s companies in the United States recognized the tremendous advantage of these improved lights. The Aladdin lamp became the world-wide leader in non-pressure incandescent lamps during the next 50 years.

The principle of the Aladdin burner is to produce a blue flame (virtually 100 % combustion) for maximum heat output. This heat causes the mantle to incandesce due to its unique chemical composition and properties. The Aladdin Lamp emits approximately 2500 BTUs of heat per hour.

The Aladdin lamp emits 60 candlepower of white light—No pumping—No noise—No smoke—No odor—No Danger. The Aladdin lamp is the only lamp of this type manufactured today.

An Aladdin lamp ready to light in case of emergency power outage provides much comfort in the household that plans ahead.

Copyright © 2002 by J. W. Courter. J. W. Courter is professor emeritus, University of Illinois. His avocation is collecting and studying oil lamps. He writes and publishes books about Aladdin Lamps.