Aladdin Lamps

Aladdin Lamps have delivered dependable white light to tens of millions of users around the world since 1908. Aladdin light is a bright light without smoke, odor or noise.

Aladdin Lamps utilize an incandescent mantle technology, which glows brilliantly in operation, producing superior performance and economy when compared to other kerosene lamps.

With proper care an Aladdin Lamp can last a lifetime, or longer. Collectable, practical and usable, large numbers of antique Aladdin Lamps are still in use by collectors, off-grid users and preppers who want an everyday non-electric light source or emergency heat and light when the power is out.

Imperial Lighting Co is your preferred source for Aladdin Lamps, Parts, Shades and accessories. We offer new Aladdin Lamps and a full range of available parts and accessories to service your new Aladdin Lamp, or restore Grandma’s old Aladdin Lamp family heirloom.

Aladdin Lamps: Beauty, Style & Function – Since 1908.