Aladdin Double Student Lamp

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Aladdin Double Student Lamp with Working Fuel System, Removable Fuel Tank and Model B Burners. This lamp was built by Rex M. Christensen using two 1983 Aladdin Anniversary Student lamps. This lamp is complete and ready to burn, with two Model B Burners that have been indexed so that both knobs face the front side of the lamp.

Fuel System: The original 1983 Student Lamps had faux tank opposite of the burner tank, which only held a few ounces. This lamp now has a working fuel system with a removable tank with a weighted fuel valve that automatically closes when the tank is lifted. This allows the tank to be refilled safely in another room, while the lamp continues to burn. The refilled tank can then be returned to the lamp and re-inserted into the tank receptacle. The fuel valve automatically reopens upon tank insertion. In order to create the working system, the center ball was machined, grooved, sleeved and soldered to be drip free. The original “S-tubes” from the center ball out to the burner tanks were not tubes at all, but rather solid brass bar stock. This required the straightening of these two pieces, boring a fuel passage in each, then recurving them to their original shape to maintain dimensional correctness in X, Y and Z axis. With the faux tank displaced by the addition of a second burner tank, this required mounting the fuel tank receptacle 90 degrees to what is now the backside of the lamp. Now, when in operation, the fuel flows out of the removable tank into the tank receptacle, thru the first tube into the center ball. The fuel then flows out thru the S-tubes to the burner tanks, keeping them approximately 1/2 full. As the fuel flows out of the removable tank, you will occasionally hear an audible gurgle – a sign the tank still has fuel.

Chimney Tube Bridge: The chimney tube bridge was constructed using two original bridges from 1983 anniversary lamps. A second bridge was carefully soldered to the first while maintaining matching dimension to the centerline of the burners on X, Y and Z axis.

  • Accepts Model B and other coarse thread Aladdin Burners.
  • Provenance: Rex M. Christensen Collection.


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Aladdin Double Student Lamp with Working Fuel System.


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