Three Face Oil Lamp Clear Crystal Glass

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Three Face Pattern Glass Oil Lamp Made by L. G. Wright Glass Company. This lamp is unused, with it’s original unused burner, wick and chimney. A great collector piece if you like Three Face.

  • Three Face Lamp in Clear Crystal Glass with etched glass foot.
  • Complete lamp with no chips or cracks.
  • Appears to have never been fueled, or burned as there is no heat discoloration on the burner.
  • Provenance: Rex M. Christensen Collection.


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Three Face Pattern Glass has a 140 year history in the USA. Originally designed and manufactured in 1878 by George Duncan and Son’s of Pittsburgh, PA, the elegant Three Face design features the figural face of a woman repeated three times. Legend has it, as a young man and designer for George Duncan & Son’s, John Ernest Miller fell in love with a young lady by the name of Elizabeth Blair. The legend suggests John grew very fond of Elizabeth, later proposing marriage to her with a promise that if she accepted his proposal he would immortalize her in glass.John and Elizabeth did marry and in 1878 John introduced George Duncan & Sons Three Face Pattern Glass # 400 which bears the likeness of John’s lovely bride, Elizabeth Miller.



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