Three Face Fancy Font Oil Lamp by George Duncan and Sons circa 1878 Lamp 2 of 2

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Three Face Pattern glass has been highly sought after by collectors for decades. This lamp was made by George Duncan and Son’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania circa 1878.  This lamp is an old original, not a reproduction. (see page 7 of Courter’s book on Three Face Oil lamps) The Fancy Embossed Font Three Face Lamps are very difficult to find. This one is in very good condition. Satin finish is clean, with a very fine texture to the surface. Lamp has good clear crystal color.

  • Three Face Lamp Pattern #2 (Fancy Font) illustrated in Geo. Duncan and Sons catalog – 1878.
  • #1 size Attwood Collar. No cracks or corrosion. Original cement.
  • Dimensions: 9-5/8 in. tall, 4-5/8 in. base diameter.


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Three Face Fancy Font Oil Lamp by George Duncan and Sons circa 1878. Lamp 2 of 2.

Legend has it, as a young man and designer for George Duncan & Son’s, John Ernest Miller fell in love with a young lady by the name of Elizabeth Blair. The legend suggests John grew very fond of Elizabeth, later proposing marriage to her with a promise that if she accepted his proposal he would immortalize her in glass.

John and Elizabeth did marry and in 1878 John introduced George Duncan & Sons Three Face Pattern Glass # 400 which bears the likeness of John’s lovely bride, Elizabeth Miller.



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