Aladdin Lamp Wick Cleaner

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Aladdin Lamp 1 Inch Wick Cleaner. Part # R111. Designed for use with Aladdin Aladdin Lamp burners. The plastic wick cleaners from Aladdin have always gotten a bad rap. In reality, they are not nearly as aggressive as the current production brass wick cleaners. New users often over-use, and too aggressively clean their wicks. It’s nearly impossible to get too aggressive with a plastic wick cleaner. If you are having trouble with a frayed wick at the top, try a plastic wick cleaner – and don’t use it too often.

  • Used, but in excellent condition – colors will vary.
  • For use with all Aladdin Lamp Burners.


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Aladdin Lamp 1 Inch Wick Cleaner. Part # R111



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