Propane for Preppers, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown

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Propane for Preppers is Book 7 of Ron Brown’s Non-Electric Lighting Series. Propane Lanterns that use mantles produce light on par with electric light bulbs. And propane mantle lanterns have advantages over liquid-fueled lanterns. Propane does not degrade in storage. You can store it for fifty years. It’s still the same stuff. Hook it up and it works. And propane is convenient compared to liquid fuels. No messy spills. No stinky rags. Certainly that’s worth something. This book covers safety, step-by-step refilling of one-pounders from 20-pound BBQ tanks, long-term storage of one-pounders; and many real-life comments & words of advice from readers who saw the original article series.

  • A fantastic resource for preppers and campers.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Fact-based, safety-minded.
  • Covers all the basics and more.
  • 118 pages – paperback.


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Propane for Preppers, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown.




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