Coleman Gas Lanterns, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown

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Coleman Gas Lanterns is Book 5 of Ron Brown’s Non-Electric Lighting Series. Coleman lanterns, though not as convenient as throwing a wall switch, will produce light on par with electric. Do you know the difference between Coleman Quick-Lite and Coleman Instant-Lite? You probably should if you’re into prepping. It’s nice to speak the language. It’s nice to go to a flea market and know what you’re looking at. Do the newer Coleman Dual Fuel lanterns really burn automobile gas like the ads say? This book has some first-hand test results. Plus recommendations about what to buy and what to avoid. And this book has an excellent section on carbon monoxide. YouTube has both good info and bad on carbon monoxide. But do you know which is which? Wouldn’t it be nice to REALLY understand it? Well, the opportunity is at hand.

  • A fantastic for preppers and collectors.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Fact-based, safety-minded.
  • Includes first-hand test results.
  • Covers all the basics and more.
  • 82 pages – paperback.


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Coleman Gas Lanterns, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown.




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