Kettles, Percolators and Tableware

Petromax Tableware, Kettles, and Percolators are real classics of good taste for your outdoor kitchen or campsite.

Petromax Tea Kettles allow you to heat water, tea or other hot beverages in no time, directly over or directly in the fire, thanks to the stainless steel construction. Not only are they particularly high quality, they are fully functional, easy to use and care for, and eye-catching.

The Petromax Perkomax Percolator is perfectly suitable for boiling water,  but also to freshly brew your favorite coffee or tea, directly in the kettle. These high quality percolators are available in durable black or white enamel.

Enjoy your outdoor meal and a hot beverage in your matching Enamel Petromax Tableware. With a retro style, these easy to clean,  durable plates,  bowls and mugs will set you apart among your fellow campers and adventurers.

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Showing all 10 results