Petromax Enamel Plate 7 inch Black

USD $19.99

Incredibly Sturdy, yet lightweight and durable for camping, Petromax Enamel Plates are the perfect example of Outdoor Dinnerware. The fired-on enamel surface is heat resistant and nearly impervious to scratches. The Stainless steel outer rim protects the edge, making them impact resistant. Serve sizzling meat straight from the grill, delicious pancakes, grilled vegetables, and more.

  • Sold as a set of 2 plates.
  • 7 inch Diameter.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction. Stainless Steel Outer Edge.
  • Durable Fired-on Enamel Finish.
  • Easy to clean. Food Safe
  • Light as a feather for use in camping or hiking.


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Petromax Enamel Plate. 7 inch. Black.


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