The Evolution of the Kerosene Mantle Burner by Anton Kaim

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The Evolution of the Kerosene Mantle Burner by Anton Kaim.

  • Fully Edited and Expanded Edition.
  • 350 plus pages.
  • Highly Illustrated – More than 1300 images.
  • The Definitive Resource on Kerosene Mantle Burners.
  • Covers Mantle Burners from around the world.
  • Shipped from the USA.


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The Evolution of the Kerosene Mantle Burner – A Huge Leap Forward in Lighting Efficiency and Energy Saving by Anton Kaim. Second, fully edited and expanded edition. Over 350 pages. Highly illustrated with more than 1300 full color images. Anton identifies and takes you on a journey thru 6 distinct types of kerosene mantle burner principals. Anton’s book is a great resource for anyone interested in the design, and construction of kerosene mantle burners from around the globe. This book is hands down the most definitive printed resource on kerosene mantle lighting, and by some readers is defined as a “classic”.  J. W. Courter, author of numerous publications on liquid fueled lighting calls this book “a must have!” The staff and management of Imperial Lighting Co. agree! More information on Anton Kaim, the author, found here.





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