Petromax Lantern Cooking Device for HK350/HK500

USD $57.99

Petromax Lantern Cooking Platform for HK350/HK500

With the Petromax Cooking Platform you can easily and rapidly turn the Petromax HK350/500 into a cooker. Just replace the hood of your lantern with the cooking platform and tighten the thumbscrews. The cooker is made of a high-quality steel alloy. Thanks to its diameter of 7.1 in (18cm) it also provides a safe supporting surface for pots and pans. To optimally use the heat of the lamp, the Petromax cooking platform can be used with the Petromax Radiator for even greater performance.

  • Chrome Finish.
  • Original Petromax Accessory.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction.
  • Attaches firmly to the lantern with thumbscrews already on the lantern bail.


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Petromax Lantern Cooking Platform for HK350/HK500


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