Markel Fixture #4870 Line Slip Shade in Frosted Crystal

USD $99.95

Markel #4870 Line Slip Shade Replacement in Frosted Crystal Finish.

  • Restore your original Markel #4870 Line fixture.
  • Shades feature the original style and beauty of the Markel originals.
  • Made of thick, durable glass, just like the originals.
  • Decorated finish for long life.
  • Shade dimensions 7-3/4″ long, 4″ wide.

Note: The color and finish of these replacement shades may vary from originals or other replacements. We strongly suggest replacing all shades on any fixture from a single source to insure best uniformity.

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Markel Electric Products, Inc. was founded by Joseph Markel in the early 1920s. Based in Rochester, New York, this family owned business manufactured and distributed electric lighting fixtures from 1920 to the late 1950s.
Known for their elegant, graceful, and trend setting designs, Markel played a important role in the Art Deco lighting period. So popular and timeless were Markel Slip Shade designs, that today restorers, and collectors seek out these original designs for restoration, use, and everyday enjoyment.