Kerosene Lamps, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown

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Kerosene Lamps is Book 4 of Ron Brown’s Non-Electric Lighting Series. It covers wick-type kerosene lamps and lanterns and is intended for users, not antique dealers. How can we generate LIGHT? That is the question. Fuel substitutes, safety, operating procedures, maintenance, repair, and various lamp styles are the topics. Things to look for when buying used. Cost effectiveness. Homemade lamps. Candlepower. Those are the topics discussed. Collector value? Never even mentioned!

  • This book provides good information and inspires confidence for those new to Kerosene Lamps.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Fact-based, safety-minded information on fuels and lamp operation.
  • Covers all the basics and more.
  • 72 pages – paperback.


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Kerosene Lamps, The Non-Electric Lighting Series by Ron Brown.




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