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Newest Aladdin Knight meets J. W. “Bill” Courter

As many of you know, we have been working hard on Imperial Lighting Co. (ILC) Website for several months. We’ve been adding products, categories, images, content and a lot of behind-the-scenes integration to make our user experiences great. Thankfully, we have a tremendously talented webmaster to handle all the heavy duty technical “stuff”. Meet Kevin Eggers, webmaster extraordinaire!

As part of an ongoing plan to promote awareness about the Aladdin Knights, The Mystic Light Newsletter, Aladdin Collecting and sharing of information, Kevin and I had the pleasure of spending some time with J. W. “Bill” Courter, The Bright Knight. During our recent visit with Bill, we presented a web-based delivery platform integrated into the Imperial Lighting Co. Website which presents the opportunity to offer digital access to a free trial to the Mystic Light Newsletter. Imperial Lighting Co. in cooperation with Bill Courter will be launching this free trial offer in August of 2019.

Kevin with his copy of Aladdin The Magic Name in Lamps signed by the Author, J.W. “Bill” Courter.

During our visit, we spent time talking about lamps, and the history of Aladdin. Bill eagerly showed us his extensive collection of Aladdin Lamps, including his very first Aladdin, a Green and White Moonstone Corinthian.

Kevin asked Bill to autograph his copy of Aladdin The Magic Name in Lamps and Bill signed-up Kevin as an Aladdin Knight of the Mystic Light. Kevin is the latest Aladdin Knight, #9578. Congratulations, Kevin! Congratulations Bill for adding another enthusiast to the group!

ILC thanks Kevin for taking our vision and turning it into a user-friendly digital format in our effort to advance collecting, making new friends and the sharing of reliable fact-based, historically accurate information. Great job, Kevin! We appreciate having you on our team.