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Invitation to The Mystic Light Newsletter

The more knowledge and information you have – the stronger and more enjoyable is your hobby.

J. W. “Bill” Courter

This is your personal invitation, as an owner, collector, user or dealer of Aladdin lamps, to join Aladdin Knights by subscribing to The Mystic Light newsletter published by the Bright Knight—J. W. “Bill” Courter. Our name was taken from Aladdin’s ceremonies held over 100 years ago to honor and give recognition to employees.

Knights receive The Mystic Light of the Aladdin Knights in all 50 states, Canada, England, Australia, Germany and other countries, largely because the Aladdin lamp was manufactured and sold worldwide! The newsletter, first published in 1973, fills 12 to 24 pages or more, six issues per year with First Class handling. Full color began in 2012.

The Mystic Light updates collecting news, information from Aladdin, Crownplace Brands and the editor’s column (Light Beams). It brings you firsthand information on rare Aladdin lamps, up-to-date prices, reproductions, studies by other collectors, history of The Mantle Lamp Company of America and news of other collections and discoveries. Basic to our purpose is preservation of memorabilia of the kerosene and the early electric era that was such an important part of rural America.

The Mystic Light Newsletter was first published in 1973.

Aladdin Knights meet once each year at a central location to learn more about Aladdin lamps, improve their collections, and renew friendships. We call our conventions “Gatherings.” The Gatherings are sponsored (since 2002) by the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors, Inc. (NAALC). The website is We enjoy room trading, an auction, educational seminars, display room, World Class Lamp Show and Sale, banquet, Aladdin quilt raffle and more. We invite all lamp and lighting clubs to join us.

By receiving the newsletter, you are put in touch with the National Gathering, Regional Meets, estate auctions, collecting values, reproduction news and other collectors who advertise lamps and parts for sale and trade. You
may place one free twenty-word ad with your renewal each year.

I invite you to make the most of your interest in Aladdin lamps and their magical, bright, white
light—where you need it and when you need it!