Rayo Lantern Cooker

USD $39.99

Rayo Lantern Cooker. This lantern is perfectly suited for camping and power outages. This Rayo lantern produces light, and can heat water or small meals with it’s removable cooking utensil. With a wide base to prevent tipping and a durable powder-coated finish, this is a lantern you can trust when you really need it.

  • 10-1/2 in. base diameter. 18 in. tall to top of the cooker.
  • Pre-heated air flow produces brighter light and greater efficiency.
  • Extra tall heat resisting chimney.
  • Adjustable flame – bright enough to light a small room.
  • Easy lighting with a simple lever to lift the chimney.
  • Suitable for use with Kerosene or lamp oil.


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Rayo Brand Lantern with removable cooking utensil with lid. Durable powder coated finish.