Aladdin Lamp Wall Bracket Lamp Clear Crystal Glass with Nickel Wall Bracket

USD $239.95

Aladdin Wall Bracket Lamp. Clear Crystal Glass Font, Nickel Wall Bracket and Nickel burner. Lamp Comes complete with Aladdin patented burner, chimney, mantle, wick, wick cleaner and operating instructions, and wall bracket.

  • Clear Crystal Glass Font
  • Patented Aladdin Burner.
  • Heat-resisting Chimney.
  • Special Burner Design produces 40 candlepower of white light.
  • Produces 2600 BTU’s of Heat.
  • Operates 12 hours on 1 quart of fuel (50 hours per gallon)
  • Versatile: Can be easily lifted out of the wall bracket and placed on a table, or shelf.
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Aladdin Lamp Wall Bracket Lamp Clear Crystal Glass with Nickel Wall Bracket.

For more than 100 years, Aladdin Lamps have been the standard by which all other kerosene lamps are measured. Aladdin Lamps are sought after by Collectors, Users living off-the-grid and Preppers who want a reliable source for emergency heat and light. Imperial Lighting Co. is your preferred source for Aladdin Lamps, Aladdin Shades and parts. Aladdin Lamps are top-quality, durable and capable of delivering a lifetime of use. Make your next Aladdin Lamp purchase from Imperial Lighting Co.

Aladdin Lamps have been celebrated for their unsurpassed quality and performance since 1908. Aladdin Lamps still utilize the same incandescent mantle technology which contributed to their legendary reputation while providing users with a brilliant white light.


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