Aladdin Lamp Milk Glass Alexandria with Buttercups Shade & Nickel Hardware

USD $359.95

The Aladdin Milk Glass Alexandria Oil lamp is an ideal choice for anyone who values the quality and performance of Aladdin lamps, as well as their history and charm. The Alexandria pattern is a re-make of the brass Aladdin Model 7 table lamp first introduced in 1917. The lamp’s Milk Glass bases contrasts beautifully with either brass or nickel hardware. Aladdin lamps are practical and reliable. They do not need electricity or batteries to operate, so they are perfect for emergencies, power outages, camping, or off-grid living.  The Alexandria is a re-creation of a timeless design that will last for generations.

  • Milk Glass Lamp Base with Decorated Buttercups Glass Shade.
  • Patented Aladdin MaxBrite Burner with Matching Nickel Hardware
  • Heat-resisting Chimney with fired-on logo.
  • Special Burner Design produces 40 candlepower of white light.
  • Produces 2600 BTU’s of Heat.
  • Operates 12 hours on 1 quart of fuel (50 hours per gallon)


Aladdin Lamp Milk Glass Alexandria with Buttercups Shade & Nickel Hardware.


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